How Lisa and Jackson Really Spent Their $1500

By  |  Friday, April 10, 2009 at 1:42 am

The secret outtake Microsoft doesn’t want you to see from its new commercial

Lisa and Jackson

(April Fools’ Day lasts for a month, right?)


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  1. dipole Says:

    When are you going to stop these endless Mac vs PC stories and return to the great technology news that first led me to start reading Technologizer? I really don’t care about the Mac vs PC argument, I just want good technology news. You are a good journalist and don’t need to do this.

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    Hey, Dipole, thanks for the input and for being honest. The topic of Technologizer is, basically, the intersection of what I (and my colleagues) find and interesting and what large numbers of people want to read about. I write about PC-vs.-Mac when I have something to say, and a lot of people appear to find it worth reading…but I promise the topic won’t dominate the site.


  3. Marc Says:

    I agree with dipole. It’s a shame. There are 4 posts on the same subject within 2 days.

    Apple gave us endless rounds of nonsense in their “I’m a Mac” adverts, which spouted lies and made the Mac bloke look like a shallow show off.

    Now Microsoft have their own ad campaign, which exaggerates the benefits of the product, like any advert, in order to promote the company. Apple’s iPhone advert was banned in the UK due for stretching the truth, and had to be changed – at least Microsoft haven’t had that yet!

    Move on. Please!!!!

  4. Les Says:

    The Amiga is a much better choice than either a Mac or a PC anyway. Just a shame Commodore wasn’t aware of it at the time. Stupid shortsighted idiots.

    Anyway, I still dig out my Amigas (I still own three of the four I had) and play around with them from time to time. One of these days I’ll hook the A3000 up to the Internet. Fortunately Windows has caught up in most respects.

  5. g Says:

    Wow, a new boxed Amiga 1000 ? I ‘d give away my MacPro for this and would never regret it.

  6. Mark Green Says:

    Ahhh, Mac owners do not come anywhere close to Amiga fans for rabid platform-loyalty. I know, I used to work for Commodore. I hear there’s still a core group of loyalists holding out in the old West Chester hq.

    They were good machines. Visionary. But as Walter Brennan said in Meet John Doe: the world is shaved by a drunken barber.

  7. Neil Anderson Says:


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