Laid-off Virgin Mobile Customers to Get Free Service

By  |  Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 8:14 am

vigin-mobile-logoPaying bills when you’re laid off can be quite difficult (trust me, I know). If you’re a customer of Virgin Mobile, that is about to get a whole lot easier. The company introduced a service called “Pink Slip Protection,” which offers to pay the phone bill of those who are laid off.

To be eligible, the customer must be subscribed to Virgin’s $49.99 monthly unlimited plan — another new offering from the carrier announced Thursday — and customers of the carrier for at least two months previous. In addition, the customer must also be receiving unemployment benefits.

Several automakers have offered similar assurances to their customers, but this is the first time a cellular phone carrier has offered such a courtesy. It is also a function of ever more desperate companies, realizing that the first thing people do in hard times is clamp down on spending.

As Virgin has no contracts, customers do not lose anything by canceling at will.

The $49.99 unlimited plan represents a $30 price drop from its previous offering, and puts it in line with other budget carriers. There is no text messaging or data included however.

New plans and services will go into effect on April 15.


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  1. Tania Says:

    How’bout that $10 phone card for low income people Virgin Mobile is coming ut with? I think it’s nice and all for Virgin to want to offer the world to the poor, but they need to think about their loyal customers too. I think ALL VM customers should be able to buy the $10 phone card, since we are the people who have been loyal to VM and have made it sucessful. Virgin, don’t forget the people who made you – this is your bread and butter and it’s the fair thing to do. $10 phone cards for all or none.

  2. Unemployment Says:

    It’s surprising that we don’t see more companies with this much insight. If you should ever find yourself out of work it is vitally important to maintain a means of contact for potential employers. These days we see more individuals cutting their personal expenses by doing away with their home phone service and only using their cell phone.

  3. H9923 Says:

    @Tania, I heard about this low-income initiative too. What’s up with that? I mean, why am I paying them more for the same number of minutes?
    So, basically they are stealing my money just so they get to look good? No way! If I want to support a worthy cause I will decide which one, not them.
    I am just finishing my current minutes then I am switching to some other prepaid. Thieves!

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  10. Merle Lindt Says:

    Virgin needs to come clean. I keep hearing about this $10 a month plan for those who can’t afford to pay more but I don’t see it on their web-site.

    What’s up with that? If they have it, let’s see it!

    How about an investigation of this!

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