Get a Bunch of Mac Software for $39, Support a Charity

By  |  Monday, April 6, 2009 at 1:33 pm

Unfortunately, we’ve run across this a bit late but a group called MacHeist — probably a nod to the steal of a deal for the amount of software you get for a rock bottom price — is offering a special deal on Mac software with 25% of all proceeds going to charity.

You’ve got one day to snap it up.

The group got it’s start in December 2006 with the first software bundle, which featured 10 software apps and raised nearly $200,000. Another bundle came a year later with 14 applications, raising over $500,000.

Both times the package was offered, it cost $49. However this year, in what the group has called its own “stimulus package,” the price has dropped to $39. Since the event has reached a certain level of donations, again 14 apps are available for download.

All come from independent developers, so this effort is a great way to support these folks, while helping out a good cause at the same time. Altogether, the value of these apps purchased individually comes to $980.

Here’s the list of applications available:

  • iSale, an eBay auction assistant
  • Picturesque, a photo editing app
  • SousChef, a “digital cooking assistant
  • World of Goo, a puzzle game
  • PhoneView, a app to peer into the data on your iPhone or iTouch
  • LittleSnapper, a screen capture utility
  • Acorn, a photo editor
  • Kinemac, a 3D editor
  • Wiretap, an audio capture utility
  • BoinxTV, a “TV studio on your Mac” (think Adobe Premiere)
  • The Hit List, a to-do app
  • Expresso, an HTML editor
  • Cro-Mag Rally, a racing game
  • Times, a newspaper-like RSS reader

In addition, I’m noticing you can get two additional applications for free by tweeting the programs availability. This includes the popular media program Delicious Library 2, and the video game Multiwinia.

You can choose to have your donation portion of the purchase price go towards any one of 10 charities, or split evenly among them all. Pretty neat.

As of Monday afternoon, the group had sold some 61,6000 bundles, raising over $583,000 for charity, making it the most successful event to date.

I for one will be plunking down $39 for this package, and have decided to donate my 25% to the AIDS Research Alliance, an issue that I support. I urge all our Mac readers to do the same. You really can’t get a much better deal than this!

(Oh, and I’ve been wanting Delicious for awhile now, so getting it free is definitely a plus :))


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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Jared Newman Says:

    Hey, don’t forget, World of Goo was our 2008 Game of the Year:

    I hear Multiwinia was pretty good, too. Haven’t played it.

  2. David A. Sampayo Says:

    Nice call, Jared. Also, don’t forget for web developers, Expresso, the latest hot code editor on the Mac market, normally costs way more than this. Definitely worth the $39!

  3. 42itous Says:

    It’s a great bundle: even though from last year’s MH I really wound up using just 2 or 3 apps (Pixelmator pretty much eliminated the need to launch Photoshop for quick crops or easy, rough edits), it was still a bargain, compared to buying them separately. Usually this is also good for developers who get their apps on many desktops. Sure, some apps will never be used, but some just might become accidental favorites, and prompt their users to get an upgrade in the future. I already know that this year’s Little Snapper is going to replace several screen capture utilities I have been using, and although not perfect, for the price it is a reasonably good choice (I wrote a short review of it on my blog), and Picturesque is a quick-n-dirty little app to spruce up any blog or website, Apple-style. And I was happy to replace the quickly-aging Audio Hijack with Wiretap: a more elegant app, IMHO.

  4. Ed Oswald Says:

    yeah… this is by no means an advertisement for MacHeist.. don’t get me wrong. But I’ve been through the apps. I plan to start a weekly review feature on Mac apps.. and many of these apps will probably be featured.

    My favorite is Times. Innovative way to display RSS… that’s for sure.