CWA Ratifies New AT&T Mobility Contract

By  |  Friday, April 3, 2009 at 11:30 am

att_header_logoI’ve noticed a lot of folks visiting us to discuss the AT&T/CWA contract negotiations. As a service to our readers, I wanted to give you all an update on where things stand. A strike has been averted, as the CWA announced Friday it has ratified a new contract.

The two sides came to a preliminary agreement on March 3, and from that point the deal was put to a vote by the members of the union. 73 percent voted in favor of the new contract.

“AT&T is pleased with the ratification of the new agreement – both in terms of the compensation and workplace opportunities it provides covered employees, and in the flexibility it allows the company to meet increasingly aggressive competition in the marketplace,” the carrier said in a statement.

According to CWA Executive Vice President Annie Hill, the contract is “groundbreaking” as it expands opportunities for career advancement and won important concessions on compensation.

Retail employees would see a pay increase of 8.8 percent over the four year period of the contract, along with a $500 bonus. As a result of this contract, 11,000 retail sales associates could be guaranteed at least $1,000 in comissions if sales goals are met.

500 customer service workers would receive job upgrades and raises, and 50-70 wireless technicians would see similar enhancements.

The new contract goes into effect immediately.



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  1. werwrqgt Says:

    You are confusing the Mobility contract ratified March 3rd with the Wireline contract which is what is still being negotiated now and on which no agreement has yet been reached.

  2. Ed Oswald Says:

    Please read the title 😉

  3. liquidcow Says:

    You are mixing up two reports. AT&T Mobility CWA workers ratfied a new contract at AT&T. Core (wireline) CWA workers are currently in negotiations with AT&T. Their current contract expires on Saturday @ midnight. Reports state AT&T & the CWA are light years away from each other in those talks.

  4. premtechguy Says:

    Yup, you do have it wrong, negotiations on the core contract have gone nowhere with the company refusing to budge on any issue, including major major health car concessions, and requiring considerably more work and responsibilities without a pat increase. Unless a miracle occurs in the next 24 hours or so AT&T employees in this core contract will strike.

  5. Chard Says:

    Right, the “company” refused to budge. No, it’s the lazy, shiftless union that doesn’t understand that normal people help take care of at least part of their own healthcare. I’ve worked alongside the union; it has to be one of the laziest group of people on earth. “Requiring considerably more work” is exactly what the doctor ordered for these oysters.

  6. Dave Says:

    When was the last time the union bashed carried a 100lb ladder that is 14ft long 1000ft. Or spike a pole with 80lb lasher . Don’t write what you don’t know idiot .

  7. Ed Oswald Says:

    Again, READ THE TITLE.

  8. werwrqgt Says:

    I don’t think I was the one who was confused.

    Why did YOU post YESTERDAY about a ratification that happened a month ago as if it were current news while ongoing negotiations were and still are going on with another section of the company and union – as you now report correctly?

    Geez, admit you made a mistake. Your readers were not confused. You were.

  9. Garvin Says:

    The MOBILITY CONTRACT was RATIFIED ON APRIL 3RD. This was following the TENTATIVE AGREEMENT reached on MARCH 3RD (note tentative, not ratified). The Union vote was counted on April 2nd (the members get a chance to vote on a tentative agreement before is is ratified). The author is correct, having spelled it out perhaps a bit too simplistically for some of you, but correct. Please, re-read the article and pay close attention to the words Mobility, tentative, and ratified.

  10. Chard Says:

    The article is technically correct but is misleading in the extreme:

    “Friday, April 3, 2009

    I wanted to give you all an update on where things stand. A strike has been averted, as the CWA announced Friday it has ratified a new contract.”

    This was a foregone conclusion for the Mobility Contract. This isn’t “an update on where things stand” because the prominent situation is the CWA/AT&T bargaining that’s going on for the landline divisions. Although there is no Mobility strike, it is not breaking news. This article is like saying “The War is Over” and meaning WWII instead of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  11. werwrqgt Says:

    Chard – I couldn’t have said it better myself – and didn’t.

  12. werwrqgt Says:

    “I’ve noticed a lot of folks visiting us to discuss the AT&T/CWA contract negotiations. As a service to our readers, I wanted to give you all an update on where things stand. A strike has been averted, as the CWA announced Friday it has ratified a new contract.”

    A STRIKE has been averted. Of course, it’s not THE strike “a lot of folks visiting” you want to discuss. But you didn’t SAY that.

    I change my earlier diagnosis: you weren’t confused, you were for reasons best known to you, being intentionally deceptive. A more honest way to have put it would have been something like this:

    “While negotiations between the CWA and AT&T over contracts covering 120,000 wireline employees continue with an April 4, deadline, an agreement reached earlier between the CWA and AT&T covering Mobility employees was ratified yesterday.”

  13. Ed Oswald Says:

    Intentionally deceptive? Please, leave the tinfoil hat somwhere else.

  14. werwrqgt Says:

    How hard it is to admit a mistake.

  15. Jay D. Says:

    Still,… can we get some current info. After all that….?

  16. randallstephenson Says:

    chard, spoken like a true republican: steal from the poor to give to the rich! if we’re so lazy & replaceable, then simply just get rid of us! oh wait, they can’t, they’ll all fail w/o us. we’re not trying to rob the company, remember if the company is not successful then we as a union are not successful! a company that made huge profit even in a bad economy must reward it employees. you see it is a union that can prevent/ reduce things like corporate greed: ceo’s that say to themselves, “oh look, my bonus was only 5 million $ this year, last year it was 7 million $, we need to lay off 5,000 employees so i can make up the difference”. but i’m sure you would support something like that. w/o unions, there will be no middle class. just the rich & the poor!

  17. Terry Lee Webb Says:

    My sister has worked for Bell/AT and T for most of her working life. Last strike, again, health benefits the main sticking issue, it took five mgmt. men to do the job of this one woman. She is a hard working, loyal employee and with such a huge profit, 12 billion, and being listed number 8 on Forbe’s list of best profiting companies, I believe that it is AT and T who is greedy and not the workers.

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