Apple Bids Adieu To Bluetooth Headset

By  |  Monday, March 23, 2009 at 9:10 am

iphone-bluetooth-headsetThe Cupertino company quietly discontinued its in-house Bluetooth headset, according to Apple Store watchers. The product has been labeled as such since Saturday. It is still for sale, however.

It’s not clear why the headset is being discontinued, and there are several completely logical reasons why this happened. First could be a move to clear old stock for a refresh to the iPhone lineup expected by many later this year.

Another possibility is Apple may be exiting the accessory market altogether in an effort to focus on the phones themselves. With increased competition enroute from devices like the Palm Pre, Cupertino will have its hands full. Makes sense.

There’s not much evidence either that the device ever actually sold very well. It’s initial selling price of $129 in 2007 was rather steep, and Apple actually reduced the price the following year to $99.

It’s also been criticized by some for poor battery life and range, and a lack of voice activated dialing.

There’s also a third rumor, which AppleInsider is pushing (although they are not confirming it yet): there may have been some type of recall. Apple has reportedly been recalling existing inventory, but has not given any reasoning.

Why they may be doing that is not known. Either way, it’s bye-bye to the Apple Bluetooth Headset. I don’t know, but I would have probably opted for a cheaper alternative anyway if I would have needed one.

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