Windows 7 Beta Users: Please Take Our Survey

By  |  Monday, February 23, 2009 at 12:33 am

Windows 7 SurveyBack on January 9th, Microsoft released a beta version of Windows 7 that was free to anyone who was interested enough to installand try it. That was long enough ago for some of those users to have logged lots of time in this rough draft of the new OS and formed strong, well-informed opinions about its pros, cons, and bottom line.

Hence this survey. If you’ve used the beta, well ask you some questions about specific features and the OS in general, and we’ll use what we learn as raw data for an upcoming article. There are no right or wrong answers–just be honest.

What if you haven’t used the Windows 7 beta? You can still take the survey if you like–we just have fewer questions for you.

Thanks for participating–and please tell any friends you think might be interested. We’ll keep the survey open through 12pm noon PT on Friday, February 27th. Simply click the link below and the survey will start–you don’t even have to leave this page.


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Web Says:

    survey doesn’t load on opera, just gives a transparent black background and nothing happens

  2. S. Niemeyer Says:

    You already know when you publish the results of your Win7 survey?

  3. даосизм Says:

    I don’t like windows7, i don’t like windows.) i love macbook )))