What Just Happened With Hulu and TV.com?

By  |  Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 9:33 am

Users of TV.com that may have been using the site to watch programming offered through its joint venture with Hulu — programming from sources such as NBC and News Corp. — got a rude awakening this week.

Attempts at accessing that programming failed with a “Video Unavailable” message. Neither Hulu nor TV.com were responding to requests from the media to comment on the situation, although Paidcontent.org did say TV.com did confirm the end of the partnership.

TV.com is owned by CBS, one of the media providers who declined to become part of the Hulu service. However, in an effort to broaden the content available through the service, TV.com partnered with Hulu to offer that sites content.

Well, that deal lasted two months. For whatever reason, Hulu pulled the plug on TV.com, and rather abruptly too. In any case, it now looks like we’ll see a full-court press by both services in a race for supremacy in the licensed video content space, no?

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