One Last Reminder: Make Predictions, Get Chance at 1TB Hard Drive

By  |  Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 5:28 pm

We’re still looking for predictions about tech in 2009–and will be giving a hard drive to one contributor chosen at random. More details and submission form here. We’ll stop accepting entries sometime tomorrow (nnon at the earliest, but maybe a bit later since I just remembered I’m on a plane then–if the entry form is still visible, you can still enter).

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  1. Gregg Sewell Says:

    In 2009 many Gen-X-ers (and younger) will begin making content that could earn significant money.

    Some already are, of course.

    But the difference in 2009 is that the number of those who could/would that will be noticed on a US-national or global scale will tip the younger generation into pondering whether the “everything online should be free” philosophy is correct, valid, or worth holding onto.

    In short, Gen-X will become “the man” — or something quite like it, just as each generation before it has.

    P. S. Love the blog.