Microsoft MVP Tells Mobile Team to “Build Something Innovative”

By  |  Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 9:11 am

When Robert McLaws does not like something, he has no issues speaking his mind about it. Robert is what’s called an “MVP,” which are people who essentially are unpaid evangelists for a particular product as well as beta testers for their particular product. His target this time is Windows Mobile, and particularly IE Mobile, which he seems to suggest is pretty much rubbish. He is calling on fellow Windows fanatics to boycott the browser until Redmond “gets its act together,” and making whatever enhancements come a downloadable update. Will Robert get what he wants?

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  1. mathiastck Says:

    Opera Mobile should just be installed standard on all WIMO devices. With Opera and a good JVM WinMo is able to keep up with your standard feature phone.