Last Chance! Tell Us Your Wish List, Get a Chance at a OLPC XO Laptop

By  |  Friday, December 19, 2008 at 10:39 am

whaddaya2I’m telling you this for the last time: We’re working on a wish list of cool tech products that members of the Technologizer community would love to get for the holidays, and need your submissions. We’ll choose one person who contributes and send them a snazzy One Laptop Per Child XO laptop.

Oh, and there are less than ninety minutes remaining until the deadline, which is noon Technologizer (ie, California) time.

If you’d like to help out, head here for more details and the submission form. Thanks!

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  1. Jason Says:

    Harry, since nobody responded to this does that mean you still have it to give away? I am currently unemployed and surfing for jobs (&deals) on my WIN 2000 P4 Desktop and could put a Laptop to great use. I am hoping to start my own photography business and a faster & portable computer would be great. How did I find your site? Only after I bought SWOOPO (French for BamBoozled) credits and decided to Google them and that search led me to you. Hopefully I can time things “just right” and use my “BamBoozled” credits to get a Pro level Digital Camera.

    Jason B. Taittinger