Tell Us About the Tech You Want For the Holidays, Get a Shot at an XO Laptop

By  |  Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 7:41 am

whaddaya2We’re working on a technology wish list for the holidays. We’d like your contributions. And in hopes of tempting you into participating, we’re giving away a One Laptop Per Child XO notebook.

Here’s what we need:

Your thoughts on one or more technology-related items you’d be thrilled to receive as a gift this holiday season. They can be expensive, cheap, or even freee. They can be hardware, software, or service. They can be brand new or items that have been around for awhile, and highly entertaining or purely practical. And ones that are a little offbeat or obscure are more interesting than, say, an iPhone 3G.

Just tell us what you want, and include a sentence or three on why you want it (see below for our handy-dandy form). We’ll compile and publish the best contributions as one master wish list. Which we’re calling Technologizer’s Whaddaya Want?

Tragically, we can’t help you get any of the items you may be wishing for. With one possible exception. Here’s what we’re giving away:

olpcAn OLPC XO laptop. Yes, the innovative educational computing device that runs Linux and has a cool rotating screen. We participated in OLPC’s Give One Get One program, which sends one XO to a deserving child in a developing nation and one to the donor (namely us). This is the XO we received, but we’re regifting it since we already have one. Consider this giveaway our One Laptop Per Technologizer program.

We’ll draw one name from those who submit nominations for our wish list and award the XO to that person. The contest runs until 12 noon PT on Friday, December 19th; we’ll notify the winner by e-mail by Sunday, December 21st. Please provide a real, working e-mail address (if you’re logged in as a user we’ll get it automatically), your real name, and your city when you enter; if we publish your items, we’ll use your name and city unless you request otherwise.

Entering more than once won’t increase your chances of winning, so please just submit one terrific list. We thank you in advance. Happy holidays!

And hey, here’s the form you can use to submit your wish-list nominations and enter the giveaway:

(UPDATE: The deadline is here, so I’ve removed the form. Thanks to everyone who entered!]


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