IPhone Game Gets a More G-Rated Name

By  |  Friday, December 5, 2008 at 9:27 am

iphone2For reasons unexplained, an upcoming iPhone game once known as Drug Lords will have its name changed to the more innocuous Underworld, according to the British Web site Pocket Gamer.

Honestly, the original name seems like more of an eye-catcher, reminding me of “Drug Wars” for the TI-83 calculator, my premiere method of slacking off in high school. You started as a small-time hustler, selling ludes, trading up for weed and slowly working your way to glory as a smack dealer. This was way better than calculus.

But I digress. The meat of the issue arose on Wednesday, when Edge Magazine pinged Apple on the news and got a typical nonresponse. The company said it “does not discuss its internal strategies as we prefer to focus on our products and services.”

Oh, Apple. The internal strategies are the interesting part. We want to know what’s acceptable when it comes to easily accessible digital storefronts like the App Store. At this point, it’s pretty confusing. First, you allowed us drop $1,000 on a vanity application. Then, you denied us the God-given ability to pass gas. Now, we can sell drugs, but you’re reluctant to tell us up front.

I’m all for games that tackle mature themes, so I love the fact that Apple gave this game the go-ahead, but why the name change?

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  1. rick Says:

    Censorship and the lack of third party application sales will slow the iphone in due time.

    What does android have in place to sell applications?