Economic Meltdown Fringe Benefit: Cheap Apple Products?

By  |  Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 4:32 pm

povertysuxIn normal times, big discounts on Apple products aren’t exactly commonplace. But there’s a plethora of rumors today about markdowns on Apple gear this holiday shopping season, as evidenced by big box stores like Best Buy supposedly getting ready to slash Mac prices and Apple allegedly being willing to match anyone’s price at its retail stores.

So, I dialed up a friend who is a manager at a big Apple reseller. Resellers like my pal are able to sell Apple products for whatever price they’d like, but there is a set advertised price which (why you have to put Apple products into your Amazon shopping cart to see the price). Apple is, however, permitting rebates for its surplus last-generation products.

Best Buy may be either trying to recoup inventory costs, or it has reached a special agreement with Apple. My Apple-peddling pal tells me that he is unaware of the company making any exclusive deals with resellers.

I’m led to believe that the former scenario is true. Best Buy likely has an excess of inventory due to the economy, and it is better off with thinner profit margins than assets sitting in warehouses. If the reports are accurate, Apple would not want not want its stores to be a less attractive option for prospective buyers.

We are all feeling the recession blues, and nothing spells recession like Apple having a sale. I’m reminded of the Michael O’Harro poster that was on the wall behind the wet bar in my parents’ house when I was young, “Poverty sucks.” But there are some great deals right now, aren’t there?


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Ed Oswald Says:

    Well nothing would also spell recession like a sale on Louis Vuitton too, but I digress 😛

  2. Partners in Grime Says:

    I’m sure they’ll pick up a few sales.