Not-So-Black Friday Preview: Best Buy

By  |  Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 2:17 pm

bestbuylogoLooking for tech deals on Black Friday (which can you believe it is only two weeks away)? Technologizer will comb through all the announced deals to let you know where you should be freezing your you-know-what off on that oh so special day.

Our first stop on our journey is our friends at Best Buy. Now mind you, this is the company that said there was a “rapid, seismic drop” in its sales and called the current retail environment “the most difficult climate we’ve ever seen.” So, don’t be surprised when the leaked details of its sales are nowhere near what they have been in years past.

Among the deals we’re seeing are a 80GB PS3 with Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and the Blu-ray title Casino Royale for $399.99 (basically, you’re getting a game and movie you’d probably not buy on your own for free), a Panasonic Viera 50″ Plasma for $899.99 (I’m guessing it is a discontinued set cause the model numbers don’t match the currently available 50″ Viera through the retailer, nor is it available through Amazon), and a Toshiba laptop for $379.99.

Nothing really crazy here, but the discounts on items don’t seem to be as great as they were in past years. You have your typical deals on CDs and DVDs, your standard discounts on video cameras, HDTVs, and peripherals, but the true deep discounted stuff is few and far between here.

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Dave Barnes Says:


    What?! “SKU’s don’t match”

    I am sure you meant to write “SKUs don’t match”

    Do I need to send you a basic grammar book?


  2. Curtis Carmack Says:


    In standard American grammar, an apostrophe is required for the plural of any acronym. Although this convention is slowly dying, Harry has it right. In standard UK grammar, that apostrophe would be omitted.


  3. Pat Barringer Says:

    Dave is correct – just like the way the author wrote “CDs and DVDs” and “HDTVs” at the end of the article. That’s straight out of “Elements of Style.”

  4. Stephen Says:

    Who really gives a crap whether that apostrophe is supposed to be there anyway? The remainder of the article was well written and if you haven’t noticed, far worse mistakes are made all over the Internet daily, even on reputable news sites. I can forgive one apostrophe, when it’s something that didn’t detract from what I was reading. Though I’m sure the apostrophe is quite happy to have its day in the sun!