XM, Sirius Change Lineups As Expected

By  |  Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 7:31 am

sirius-xm-mergerWhile much of the talk previous to today centered around changes to XM’s lineup, Sirius XM has made changes to both lineups effective immediately. Essentially, it takes a large majority of the channels on either service and combines them, with a few stations either going off the air or being moved onto either service’s online radio offerings.

On XM, here are the new Channels:

Elvis Radio – XM 18 – Elvis
The Bridge – XM 27 – Soft Classic Rock
BBC Radio One – XM 29 – Popular music
The Coffeehouse – XM 51 – Adult alternative
Faction – XM 52 – Punk, hard rock
Radio Margaritaville – XM 55 – Jimmy Buffett
Jam On – XM 56 – Jam bands
The Grateful Dead Radio – XM 57
E Street Radio – XM 58
Underground Garage – XM 59 – underground Rock and Roll
Shade 45 – XM 66 – Eminem produced station
Hair Nation – XM 41 – “hair” bands
Outlaw Country – XM 12 – alternative country

21 channels are changing names, and 11 will be moving around on the dial. More information on the XM lineup can be found here.

Sirius is also changing, here are its new channels:

40’s on 4 – Sirius 4 – 40’s music
90’s on 9 – Sirius 9 – 90’s music
The Loft – Sirius 29 – Acoustic Rock
Willie’s Place – Sirius 64 – Country
enLighten – Sirius 67 – Southern Gospel
BB King’s Bluesville – Sirius 76 – Jazz
Escape – Sirius 76 – Pop instrumentals
Cinemagic – Sirius 81 – Movie soundtracks

23 channels would change names, and 2 channels would be moved. More information on the Sirius lineup can be found here.

Essentially, where the name is changing, it means that the channel is being combined with the similar channel on the other service. While this is not by any means a combination of the entire lineup — I’m guessing Sirius XM wants to keep both services separate enough that either is attractive to customers, yet similar enough that they are saving money on eliminating duplicate programming.

Update: I’m perusing through the fan boards for both services, and it looks like there is a little bit of consternation regarding the changes. XM fans seem to be a little turned off by the rather frequent station IDs (XM didn’t identify as much — but this could be more of a result of building the brands back up with a cadre of new listeners — but then again, Sirius to many has sounded much more like FM than its sibling), and some of the programming switches are a bit abrupt for some.

My only complaint is how this was put on customers. No warning at all, only rumors. I’m a regular listener of BPM XM 81, and I haven’t heard them mention once about what was going on. That’s just not good business to me.

What’s your thoughts?



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  1. Alan Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why have to pay to get the Sirius feeds. If they are truely one company then merge the programming and duel stream to the respective SATs they have floating around out there. If they need to raise the price do so. Also if they really want to they could have each cat as a add-on for x and then you can cut out a lot of the stations I never hear anyway. Give me the News/talk, sports talk, sports programming (live games) and I would be happy. If I want music, I tune to CD or ipod.

  2. Ed Oswald Says:

    XM will have a a la carte options available soon, they just need to get the new radios that support adding and deleting of channels on the fly out there.

  3. Erick Says:

    I’m not usually an over-night listener, but I happened to be earlier this morning. When I switched on the radio I could not figure out what happened that caused Alan Hunter to be on the radio at 2 AM on the Big 80’s, or what used to be the Big 80’s. I went to the computer and couldnt find anything. Didnt get the new channel lineup card until this afternoon – very disappointed in this. Schedules still not updated on the Sirius site, had to go to the XM site to get it. And they changed the station to a very generic station – 80’s on Eight. Ooh. They took a station that was as well branded as Levi’s or McDonalds in my opinion and trashed it with a new name. DJ schedules are all mixed up so they could add some guy I have never heard of to the schedule (Rick Stacy??). And I hear that Casey Kasim is going to have some weekend responsibility on the station. Doesnt seem like they cut staff at all – they added staff and ruined this stations “brand.” Very disappointed right now.

  4. Les Says:

    Lets see- Sirius takes away the greatest channel on the planet- Sirius Disorder. Then I flip to blues- now we get Bluesville, guess I won’t be hearing any good Chess record recordings, oh and goodbye to the Vault. This is terrible. Welcome to listening to the Time Life collection of the suits.

  5. Scott Says:

    Here we go again. All the stuff we migrated to satellite for is eroding away. Several good but eclectic XM channels gone. More mainstream slanted drivvel and loud DJs trying to act hip and cool. Boring. We are so done with that. I’ll bounce around with it for another week and feel it out – but I am not impressed. Many of us came to XM for the diversity of music that we could get easily anywhere else – not to feel cool or to feel like we have been invited to the party. We don’t think we want celebs talking to us around each tune about their lame takes on reality. Many of us were serious listeners who chose XM over Siruis because the music seemed to come first there. Siruis seemed “dumbed down” and geared toward mainstream. XM Playlists seemed more derived from quality, not from trying to encourage some demographic to feel good about satellite radio. When the economy dries up further, the average listeners will cut Satellite from their budget. The listeners that came for the music I think would have been loyal to SRXM through the hard times, cause we trive on it. In fact, probably would have paid alot more. I suspect though my wife and I will probably cancel our 3 radios – but I will give it a go for a week or so and see if my feelings change. I agree it’s probably too many suits in charge now, so there’s a disconnect with real listeners. We’re just a plot on a marketing graph now. Back to the Ipod. Shame..it had such…promise.

  6. Keith Says:

    I’m glad they alerted customers. I have had the worst experience working with XM Radio to get automatic billing set up, and really came back when I shouldn’t have.

    This is just a slap in the face, and I am not sure I am crazy about the new stations. I usually was on Fred & Ethel exclusively, and those names are gone and I am not sure its the same programming or not.

    Good thing my car has a built in plug for my ipod.

  7. dude Says:

    I could not be more disappointed with the loss of Sirius Disorder. It was unique, far from mainstream, and far from The Loft. So much for free-form and eclectic programming. I was willing to overlook the limited jazz selections and the lack of a World Music alternative, but this is enough to tip the scales away from satellite radio. The programming change was handled poorly with little regard for the subscriber/listener. Pity, really, because the concept of satellite radio has such potential.

  8. Disillusioned T. Says:

    Agree with comments above about Sirius Disorder. It was hands down the best programming on Sirius, had most provocative, dynamic DJ’s, was the very heart and soul of the offering and what used to make radio so compelling. So what do they do? Cut it? I understand economic realities and that it was probably a bigger cost center with additional DJ’s, but what this suggests is that they’re so creatively bankrupt and shortsighted that they couldn’t find a way to drop two/three other mediocre channels (and there are quite a few) instead.

    Parallels the shortsightedness of other industries like media execs cutting the essence of the newspaper business–their best investigative journalists, to meet “fiscal realities”. Don’t these people realize that if you kill off the heart and soul of a business, there will no longer be a compelling reason for listeners/readers to come back?

  9. Don Says:

    I listened to X-Country on XM constantly because of the discovery of new artists and new music on a daily basis. If I wanted to listen to truck driving music they have a trucker station. If I wanted to listen to rock, they have a dozen of those. If I wanted to listen to top 10 country, there’s that too. They took the only alternative to all of this and made a damn truck driver-rock-country station out of it, and it SUCKS. I’ve got an MP3 player with over 5,000 songs on it and I’ll probably dust the cobwebs off and start using it again.

  10. jon bertolucci Says:

    I am very dissapointed with the changes on the 50s on 5. Without Matt the Cat the station is boring now. And the loss of Ken Smith is heartbreaking. Were it not for baseball i would cancel my subscription.

  11. Ricky Says:

    I’m slightly disappointed at the loss of Flight 26 to this new thing “The Pulse.” I always listened to Flight 26 because it had the perfect mix of older songs and newer songs. Now, I don’t know how I can quite put my finger on it, but “The Pulse” simply isn’t the same. Same with Pop2K… I’m trying to get used to it, and haven’t had second thoughts yet…. I guess I’ll give it a few weeks to see if it grows on me.

  12. Louis Says:

    I have been listening to XMU 43 for the past 4 years and every day I thought to myself “this is too good to be true.” About a week ago, the program director, Billy Zero sent an email to anyone who had at one time corresponded with him via email: it was his letter of resignation to the fans. My jaw dropped. Then, one week later the _merge_ happens. As Scott said, they have now dumbed down my favorite channel (was lucky they didn’t displace it entirely, I suppose). I now know every song they play, and don’t get me wrong, they are great songs – but I used to love to hear songs from artists I did not know, and then get to go explore new albums. The station died the day Billy Zero and Tobi were given the boot. Sad. I guess no good things last forever. Back to ripping KCRW streams to the iPod!

  13. Dave Mackey Says:

    The channel I listen to most on XM, 6, is pretty much business as usual – although they did boot their program director and another DJ in favor of two new DJ’s, including Broadway Bill Lee from WCBS-FM. Pretty much the same music. And Terry still thinks Phlash starts his show at 6 am Eastern, 5 am Pacific (it starts at 3 Out There On The Coast). They’re slso trying to knife any reference to XM out of the PAMS jingles, making them sound awkward, while other channels had new imaging mentioning Sirius XM all ready to go.

  14. phil caudill Says:

    You couldn’t have put it any better. Sirius indeed has a top 40 programming method. If nobody believes this then just listen to a channel for 1 day without changing and I guarantee you will hear at least a couple of songs or more played on a 5 hour rotation. I really thought calling yourself non-commercial meant more than just not having advertising but appearently not. The shouting cooler than thou dj’s are worse than any commercial and you will never get more than 3 or 4 songs before they break into some boring talkfest. Now when I turn on Liquid Metal channel 42 all I hear is Jose who has a case of diarreah of the mouth. Before I could drive 400 miles on the weekend and never hear anything but music. Now I can’t even drive 3 blocks with some idiot spouting off at the mouth and playing old worn out radio friendly songs and trying to make me think he is doing me a favor by playing me some Iron Maiden. Ohhhh heavy metal. It sucks and so does the line-up change. I would love to see a class action lawsuit or for them to even go belly-up. As for me I am going to cancel my 4 radios.

  15. brad Says:

    where the fuck did the back spin station go? only reason i mostly used sirius!!

  16. David Says:

    X-country which played Americana music has been replaced with Outlaw Country, a much narrower sub-genre. X-country hosts, such as Marty Fitzpatrick and Jesse Scott,who provided minimal, but meaningful, comments on the music seem to have disapeared and been replaced by the lunatic ravings of the likes of Mojo Nixon. Example: I was introduced to Outlaw Country this evening by Nixon talking about “two boogers fucking in a snot bucket”. There may be room for this type of stuff on the dial but not at the expense of the intelligent and varied programming of X-Country. I have been listening to Outlaw Country and it sounds like a commercial FM station.Just what I was trying to get away from! To add insult to injury,when I realized what had happened I went looking for Sirius Disorder, one of the best stations I have ever heard. The sons of bitches had dropped that one too! Thanks XM and Sirius.

  17. Sirius-Sucks-Now Says:

    Couldnt believe when I woke up to find my stations had gone completely. Replaced with XM stations. DJ would not shut up talking it drove me mad! If I wanted to here a DJ talk for 10 mins I would listen to AM radio. Called to cancel my Sirius subscription and the guy insisted that they would be bringing back the old stations “In a couple of days”. Think he was BS’ing me though to get me off the line.

  18. William Says:

    I could not believe it when I got in my car and ALL my presets where different. If I wanted to listen to main stream music, like everyone else has said, I can do it on FM for free. I find it hard they made this decision without contacting any of the customers. I called to cancel my contract with XM today; they gave me a free month to see if I like it anymore. I might give it a few more weeks, but I already have cd’s and an iPod in the car now.

  19. G. Daren Says:

    We all tend to get comfortable and don’t deal well with change. Yes, I’m not happy that the fusion jazz station disappeared along with the other eclectic choices…. Watercolors is all that’s left…I could listen to free radio… Let’s give this some time, I sure Sirius XM will listen to their customers and reach a compromise…. Surely time will tell….

  20. lymang Says:

    As one other poster mentioned… Terribly disappointed at the changes with Fred and Ethel, which are probably the stations I spent the most time on. Fred (now “1st Wave”) has a DJ now who steps on both the beginning and ending of songs. I left commercial radio because of that. {sigh}
    And as for the content? Somehow Power Station and the Cars are alternative?
    Anyway, I’ll stick it out for another month or so and see if maybe with some feedback the whole “obnoxious DJ’s who seem to think they are still on FM” situation changes, but it looks like I’ll be moving to full-time MP3 player in the car. It’s a shame, I’ve loved XM for 3 years.

  21. Mike Says:

    cancel your subscription(s), I did. xm people dont want sirius and vice versa. I dont think its fair to eliminate any channels from either service. true ala carte would have allowed us to pick from either service. showing what people really wanted to listen to. now subscribers from both companies are missing beloved channels, channels that we supported for years. now the expect us to sit back and adjust to these changes. I work hard for my money, I dont pay to adjust to someone elses idea of whats good. over the years both services have made adjustment based on what there listener wanted. CANCEL NOW! THEY DO CARE HOW WE FEEL!

  22. ron Says:

    We get sirius on our dish and pretty much listened to sirius blues. When we tuned in the other day we got bb king’s bluesville, what a disappointment. the whole lineup is not the same and call me a bigot but I’m not into spanish speaking blues. I was considering subscribing to sat radio but after this and reading some of the comments i think i’ll pass.
    has anyone talked to anyone about that new personal radio that’s been advertised on tv? G2 i think or something like that.

  23. Mike Says:

    Just returned from a week overseas. Sirius automatic update only to discover that Sirius Blues 74 has become Bluesville. I couldn’t be more disappointed. Gone is the focus on jump blues, power guitar, and the electric blues sound I looked forward to every time I was in the car. I used to be the biggest salesperson for Sirius, now I’m cancelling my subscription. Early Times provided me with my blues education. No wonder their stock is plummeting.

  24. Horace Says:

    The 50’s on 5 isn’t the “50’s on 5” without Matt the Cat and Ken Smith. Shame on them for thinking they can wipe out programming without asking for opinions from the people who pay the bills. This is absolutely a slap in the face to the subscribers.

  25. Carolyn Says:

    We got our XM radio when we bought a new car, got hooked during the trial period, and have been avid listeners ever since, mostly 50’s, 70’s, News, Weather and major traffic. We will miss Ken Smith on the 50’s very much. Since the merger we have been disappointed with the decades channels, because they all seem “canned” now (pre-recorded, rather boring and repeated). We would never have subscribed to Sirius, who we feel are arrogant and not in tune with their customers, which XM always was. This merger has made sad days for satellite radio. It wouldn’t surprise us if they bleed out so many dissatisfied customers that they eventually won’t make it.

  26. Tim Says:

    I completely agree with Mike. Sirius Blues 74 was way better than Bluesville. I’m very disappointed. I’ve gone back to using my iPod again.

  27. Mrs Creeps Says:

    A letter to the Executives

    Congrats you fat cat execs! You just lost another customer!

    Homogenizing music is what you do best, and you certainly have hoodwinked the nation in paying for a subscription to music that you can listen to on regular radio.

    The people that like your changes are all mindless automatons and they you people deserve each other.

    What I don’t like:
    I am an elitist when it comes to music..and your music is crap now. I had a subscription for years and raved once about XM and it’s punk, industrial, electronic and indie music.

    Here’s a warning to you guys..and that’s that you can’t control what we listen to anymore. We have other outlets..we will find ways to outsmart you. Commercialism will always be sniffed out–no matter what label you stick on a steaming pile of turds.

  28. Lonnie Says:

    I’m at a loss. I can’t go back to Free Radio. And the reason I listen to XM was to hear NEW MUSIC. iPod-ing will only leave me with my own worn selections.
    Classic Jazz is NOT Beyond Jazz. Watercolors is okay– but it is NOT JAZZ.
    Ethel, Fred & Lucy were better than Lithium, 1st wave, etc.
    The DJ’s — Christ– XM really did not really HAVE DJ’s– the Sirius DJ’s YAP YAP YAP YAP! They DON’T SHUT UP!!!
    I got Satellite to get away from the Moronic Yapping. I called XM/Sirius to let them know that if I wanted to hear YAP, I would tune to the TALK Channel. If I tune to a music channel– I want to hear NOTHING BUT MUSIC. If I need to know WHAT’S PLAYING, I can look at the damned display.

    Last observation: I don’t want to give the impression I’m insulting Sirius listeners– I respect your listening choices. What you like is what you like– so the best way to put the difference between XM and Sirius listeners is this:
    XM listeners, even in their cars, listen to MUSIC like they are in their Livingroom. To us, XM was an infinite CD shuffle. NO TALK. Except unlike an iPOD, you sometimes hear stuff you never downloaded.
    Sirius Listeners are Listening to RADIO in their Cars. They just don’t have the commercials.
    XM listeners tend more towards Host Conversations and occasional interviews focused on the music playing at the time.
    Sirius Listeners like Talk Radio: Howard Stern, etc. They want to be kept company during the commute.
    The Listener Cultures are Different. Functionally Different.
    And even now, I’m hearing a DJ starting to YAP on the heels of a song– something I NEVER HEARD ON XM!! I just changed the damned channel again.
    DAMMIT– Would they just let the DJ’s know that on the channels that came with XM, us XM listeners are growling–

  29. beth Says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I turned on my radio to listen to sirius disorder and it was gone. I had no idea. I was willing to give the loft a try, but it is so generic. I am going to give it a little time and hope someone will listen and sirius disorder will return otherwise I’ll cancel.
    I am an avid listener, I want to hear new music, Dave Marsh, vin scelsa, david johansen and more, what a drag.

  30. Lonnie Says:

    To Beth re: The Loft
    As an XM listener, I can tell you that the Sirius/XM version of the Loft is an ‘Pop’ culture Abortion. The XM loft used to confuse me be being all over the map, going eclectic one hour, then somewhere else the next. And it was NOT the Top Pop stuff.
    It seems that somewhere in the Merger, the Execs and the Suits got rid of the Music Lovers in the corp, because they assumed that all they needed were DJ personalities, and then they starting drinking the Top 40 koolaid.
    I’m beginning to hear a distressingly short list of Top Songs over and over and over.
    The Idiots in the Exec suites seemed to forget that this is a PAID medium. Worse, I think Sirius/XM Execs must have migrated from the Cable Companies. They think they don’t have to listen.
    Well I don’t have to renew my contract, either.

  31. Jeff Says:

    Bring back x country the new outhouse country has Dj’s that talk and talk about them selves instead of play music. The new top 40 format sucks.

  32. Richard Branch Says:

    Where the hell is Leigh Hamilton???

  33. john gillies Says:

    I bought the Sirius service becasue of Dj’s such as Vin Sclesa, Larry Kirwin, heck even Ghosty. Meg was always yammering about Sirius ,I do not miss that, I already bought the service so don’t keep on selling.
    Now they are all gone. David J and the mansion of fun never really was that much fun and the formula was worn out, 60’s girl band, latin, opera, blather blather repeat same ad nauseum. I just cannot believe Siriuis threw out the wheat with the chaff. Now they are a monopoly, it is the deregualtion buggabo all over again. Competition is a good thing. Bring back, Vin Scelsa and give me some truth. The fat cats must be pissed that the hoarde of the disfunctional took down Bush and company. This is like a disco flashback.

  34. disorderly dave Says:

    David J and The Mansion of Fun a worn out formula???? Them’s fightin’ words John! And I’m itching for a fight after the programmimg changes, especially the loss of Disorder and Ghosty, Megless, Larry, Rick, and the others. Vin will be back on The Loft next week, but it sure seems like an odd fit. I doubt that the programmimg gurus at Sirius-XM know the difference between wheat and chaff and I doubt that they give a rat’s patootie.

  35. brandy young Says:

    where are the listeners who are as pissed as me of the new boombox format thats just what satellite radio needs is another top 40 station what absolute crap bpm (raspberry) chill (raspberry) area 38 to much one artist blocks boombox was a channel all to its self where the hell am i suppose to hear those songs and artists mixes now? im as mad as hell and im not going to take this anymore

  36. Rich Says:

    I’m really disappointed with the new Sirius channels as well. Sirius Blues 74 changing to BB Kings Bluesville, that stinks. If I wanted Bluesville I would have subscribed to XM. I’ve been a subscriber for only about 2 months now and I am probably going to cancel.

  37. David Says:

    Has the U.S. government taken over satellite radio? What a major disappointment! I am a true blues lover who has every preset button set to Sirius Blues channel 74. I carefully listened to both Sirius and XM’s blues stations before paying my hard earned money to subscribe. Now that Sirius has my money, a different choice has been made for me by the replacing Sirius Blues with XM’s Bluesville. I will not pay another cent for a service I don’t want. I am so missing my old Blues channel 74. I was your biggest fan, but now….goodbye Sirius.

  38. Mike Mosher Says:

    Well i see all the XM listeners are complaining about a few channel changes…. meanwhile Sirius has become “G” rated radio… just like XM.. Sirius has lost alot of channels… picked up another country channel…already had 4 or 5 and a Right Wing Christian Channel…. Yeah… this is all i needed… I will be canceling my Sirius subscription…. funny thing is i dont see and XM listeners doing the same…. the only complaint you have is channel identification…. get a life.

  39. Terry Says:


    Sign the petetion to bring X-Country back!

    Outlaw Country pales in comparison to – Texas Fred, 9-Volt w/ Dave Alvin, Armadillo Radio Hour, Jack Tracks, Rouge Calls, Texas Uprising.

  40. Mike Says:

    Years ago I stopped listening to commercial radio because I got tired of hearing Tom Petty songs 20 times a day. NPR became my station of choice but one can only listen to news stories for so long. Hey, I’m a music lover!! When I got my new car with a satellite radio and discovered Sirius Disorder…. that was it!! I was in heaven!! No commercials, no Tom Petty and the most diverse selection of music I had ever heard. Hopefully the folks at Sirius/XM are listening to their customers and decide to bring it back. I have no reason to continue my subscription otherwise. I’ll just go back to usiing my iPod.

  41. Kingston Says:

    It’s safe to say that the new XM-Sirius execs don’t understand a substantial share of their current paying customers. This is death to a company in the long run (as seen in the US auto industry). Music taps into our most personal and emotional senses. For folks that came to either XM or Sirius for a specific type of music or who happened to discover it after subscribing, this is a very emotional punch in the gut. What makes the situation even more upsetting is that the company failed to ASK subscribers for their opinions or feedback.

    Certainly there will be a some subscribers that are fine with the changes, but for those who had found their music “home” the impact is depressing. I feel like Mom and Dad just pulled the plug on my stereo and have told me I will have to listen to Lawrence Welk from now on.

  42. Keith Says:

    I will be canceling my subscription to Sirius at the end of my current quarterly billing. My 2 favorite station, 60’s Vibrations and Sirius Blues, have been homogenized into something unlistenable.

    The new 60’s station reminds me of EVERYTHING I despised about Top 40 AM Radio stations of the 60’s….loud DJ’s who can’t seem to talk without an echo chamber behind them, talking during the beginning and the ends of the songs. I NEVER heard this on Sirius, not to mention the music playlist sucks now.

    What was the best blues station ever turned into just another commercial blues playing station. Gone is J.B. in the mornings with his classic blues segment, Early Times with his blues history lessons, and Joe Bonnamassa with his kick-ass blues.

    Too bad you people at Sirius and XM took it upon yourselves to determine what your long time listeners wanted. I’d just as soon start playing CD’s when I travel than to listen to this garbage.

  43. TG Says:

    I’m disappointed to see the innovative programming style that XM initially adopted get destroyed by Jon Zellner and the like-minded drones at Sirius, which plays the same “hits” you hear on FM radio, repeated every 4 to 6 hours.

    For me, the point of satellite was to hear tracks from albums not already played to death on FM radio, and that scenario is disappearing

  44. Robin Says:

    I got Sirius because I could not stand the music on XM. Now Sirius sounds more like XM than ever before!! No more Buzzsaw, Backspin, Big 80’s…..and I don’t know what the hell they’re playing on Classic Rewind. If I wanted to not listen to the mainstream hits, I would have preferred XM….but since I have Sirius and have for years…..UGH!! I could go on and on but I’m so pissed off right now. I have actually gone back to listen to normal radio and I don’t mind the damn commercials since at least I don’t have to change to channel every frickin 5 minutes to hear a song that I like and will be cancelling my subscription to Sirius and spend money to someone like Yahoo! radio if I want to hear music with no commercials. Thank you Sirius for saving me a little money each month!!

  45. Maxwell Says:

    I just cancelled my Sirius subscription. They even offered to give me 3 free months for both of my radios, but I declined. There were 4 stations (Left of Center, Purejazz, The Pulse, & Chill) that I listened to regularly, and 3 of them went away or changed drastically. I didn’t accept their offer because I get too frustrated listening to these “new and improved” stations that play crap! I haven’t heard one new artist since the channel change, and the REALJAZZ station hasn’t been playing any old school jazz like PUREJAZZ used to. Not to mention the new personalities are super boring.

    Well I guess ITUNES can get my monthly budget that used to go to SIRIUS. Such a shame. First Tower Records goes out of business and now Sirius sucks! Another day the music died.

  46. Matt Says:

    I am pissed off about these changes. I have had Sirius radio for 2 1/2 years now, and now I have to listen to all this XM junk. The only stationed I really listened to was Sirius 40, and my favorite was the After Hours Spotlight. Now that is gone, and I am listenting to R&B and Mainstream stuff all the time now. I am canceling my subscription.

  47. Matt Says:

    Forgot to add, I hate the censors now.

  48. CodeDog Says:

    I cannot stand Outlaw Country which took the place of X Country. Mojo said to give it a week. WELL…. I have gave it a week and it SUCKS. First, the music is old and already played elsewhere. Then you have these hillbillies personalities who talk, talk, talk about nonsense. I especially hate Mojo Nixon. then what’s up with all the trucker music? I AM a trucker and I can’t stand to listen to this station any longer. I want to hear some Alternative Country/ Americana with intelligent host not HEE HAW. I miss all programming Jessie brought to X Country.

  49. samuel mento Says:

    I rarely feel the neeed to commment but this requires a comment. This merger was as far as I am concerned the absolute worse thing that could happen. I was hooked on sirius disorder,Vin Scelsa,David johansen,dave marsh,meg Griffen,The Kennedys who are no longer on the radio Larry Kirwin. Man waht the heck are you people smoking,damn the best thing on radio gone to hell. I listened to the loft ,please what crap elevator music from hell! The bluesville station more crap,did anyone put any thought into this?? I have 2 subscriptions was about to purchase a 3rd I’m planning on canceling by the end of the year,ipods are back 99.5 on my local radio is so much better that sirius xm. If you folks give a damn about your subscribers you will restore sidius disorder name and all inclusive of the dj line up,bluesville nice try but leaves alot to be desired. You finally find a true alternative to traditional radio and xm craped it up. Man xm failed what don’t you pepole understand,If I wanted xm I would have purchased it,now I have crap xm great job thanks for nothing soon me and my ipod will be reunited 99.5 is free the receeption is better and truly sirius xm offers very little to be desired,next time I hope you put more thought into your executive decisions

  50. Lisa Says:

    I have to say that I am so disappointed in this merger. Like others have said there was absolutely no warning before they took away the best station on radio Sirius 74 Blues. I really think that as much as BB King has done; his station is CRAP. As i write this I am stuck listening to some elevator style jazz on “Bluesville”. I am ready to cancel my subscription but before I do, I would like to try to get through to the company and convince them to reconsider; so far no luck but I will try a little longer.

  51. Chris Says:

    I have been a Sirius subscriber for 7 yrs. I have 4 accounts and 2000 shares, would it have been too much to ask me or the rest of us what WE wanted? Always reminded me of ‘old fm radio’ back in the day, indeed it was supposed to be the same as that, “before the corporate whores took over”. I suppose it would have been too expensive for a membership survey but somebody could have tried something. Disorder with Johansen, especially, was indeed the best radio around. It literally made my heart soar on Friday nights. Retiring this channel has changed my life for the worse. If you are not going to ask the people who own and pay for your company what they want what is the point? I guess I have missed my CD’s anyway! To say I am disappointed does not begin to describe how I feel. Happy to mix to mix with XM without throwing out the best. Get an idea guys!

  52. Chris Says:

    One more thing…let’s remember people, it’s all about the music and always has been.
    We can probably still do this.

  53. Disorder&Blues Says:

    The Loft is NOT Disorder and bluesville is NOT sirius blues 74. No other way around it. I used to jump up and run over to the receiver with a post-it to write down who it was and title. Now I run over to see if it’s the same artist as the last song! How sad. I now have to learn to use an iPod. Maybe it’ll be a silver lining. Oh well…all good things. It is depressing though

  54. smitty Says:

    No more Maxim, no more Stretch, and Octane now blows….result Sirius cancellation! Whats the use of paying for hundreds of channels of crap!

  55. noel authement Says:

    sirius blues 74 was great, i love BB, but this station sucks, give me real guitar blues, where is tab, i am from new orleans and i want the blues.

  56. matt Says:

    Sirius-What’s up! You’ve lost your minds…I was a huge fan for 4 years and have 6 subscriptions (holding 3 as gifts to others) – Still love Howard, but you took away some GREAT stations, especially Sirius Disorder and Blues…PLEASE bring them back or I will be going to Books on Tape and MP3 and internet radio.

  57. Walker Says:

    The vault is gone and so am I. Mergers always help the big money boys and screw the consumer

  58. Mark Says:

    HOMOGENOUS — BORING — CHANNEL ELIMINATIONS — POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE – YAPPY DJS — FM’CENTRIC — MONOPOLY …. Who is the victim? The CUSTOMER! Whether you’ve lost your favorite channel (s) like I did such as Chrome, Fred, Lucy, etc…this is a prime example of what a dying company does when it doesn’t listen to its customer. Both XM and Sirius subscribers are unhappy with the channel mergers and eliminations — rightfully so, subscribers selected each service based on their listening preferences and were willing to pay for it. Now, what we were willing to pay for is now GONE! I want to cancel and probably will…but what is most sad is that the FCC should have NEVER allowed this satellite radio monopoly to be created in the first place. Now, millions of satellite radio subscribers DO NOT have any other choice in satellite radio.

  59. Frud Says:

    Was a fan of XM. Now I’m just disappointed. Will be returning to broadcast
    radio at the end of this billing cycle and selling my radio on ebay. At this point I feel like the radio may just end up in the trash.

  60. rocknrollfan Says:

    I too am disappointed that Sirius Disorder has gone away.

    Someone started a Facebook group to work to get it back on the air.

    Join it at:

  61. I Sure Got The Blues Says:

    Three years ago I made an educated decision to become a Sirius subscriber over XM. I have DirecTV and was able to listen to most of the music offerings that XM had available. I liked in particular Sirus’ Blues 74, and Sirus Disorder. Now Disorder is gone and Blues 74 has morphed into BB King blues elevator muzak. The rest of the sirus lineup has become so homogenized that I can’t recognize it any longer. I can’t imagine that the XM subscribers could be any happier with the changes in the lineup. What I thought would be great for satellite radio has turned into my worst nightmare. Recommending satellite radio to anyone used to be a slam dunk. As of today, I wouldn’t recommend this crap to anyone. I have four subscriptions, two of which are prepaid to two and three years. Only one of my radios is able to get “Best of XM”, IE sports. I may end up cancelling three of the subs and getting a refund. What the suits at Sirus need to understand quickly is that their arbitrary changes to mealy-mouthed, lowest common denominator programming is unacceptable on any level and is going to end up costing them in thousands of cancelled subscriptions.

  62. Jerry Barnes Says:

    I am also truly disappointed in the changes made with XM. I listen or use to listen to x-country xm12 and top tracks xm46. The programing has changed to the point I wont even listen. I think if everyone is unhappy we all should set a date to cancel our services unless they reverse the changes. If they want to add new stuff and offer a different package to get it, that would be OK. I just don’t like them peeing on my shoes and telling me “its raining”.

  63. Cheryl Marie Says:

    I was shocked when I turned on my radio this weekend and found tht X Country was changed to Outlaw/Outhouse Country! What is this crap? Some Nashville program director’s idea of what alternative country/Americana music is? I hate the sophomoric rantings of the DJS. If I wanted to be offended I’d listen to Howard Stern. If I wanted crap conversation I’d listen to AM and FM radio. I am going to cancel my 3 year subscription if things don’t change pretty quick. Well there goes one thing that made my So Cal. freeway driving semi-bearable.

  64. Hugh Says:

    Please contact Sirius Investor Relations website and email them. If enough complain maybe things will get fixed. So far nothing, but I’ve been fighting. I subscribe to Sirius and since the merger channel 21 Alt Nation (New Alternative Rock) has been playing rap and hip hop in the mix. There are 5 channels for this, why pollute the alt station with other genres of music. Never happened until the merger.

  65. Brian Says:

    As someone already said, this deal has already killed what many of us liked about satellite radio…the Sirius-ization of my favorite XM channels looks like somebody’s plan to sell the whole thing to ClearChannel, once the mainstream listener base is broadened a bit. Makes sense for them, I guess. I’m glad that the alternative country of XM 12 has given way to pseudo-country sounding stuff by the mainstream artists you can find on every other channel. Maek my words: ClearChannel will buy – or at least attempt to buy – the whole thing inside of 2-3 years…

  66. Colin Grand Pre Says:

    Ok. So it appears to me that sirus had more money than XM. So they did what they did and the result is like voting for George again. Why is it the people with too much money and control make bad artistic decisions? Wake up! Yours not truly, C.

  67. Ron Epstein Says:

    I have never met a company whose policy is “The Customer Is Always Wrong”

    Sirius programming has been a huge disaster for the past few years, sparking anger across Internet forum from subscribers that have begged the company to expand their limited playlists and get rid of the obnoxious DJ chatter that has turned their service into a glorified FM station.

    I mean, have you guys heard of the morning show they put on one of their music channels, 20 on 20? A bunch of adults spouting toilet humor and laughing at each other’s atrocious humor. This is the sort of progress that Sirius has made as a music delivery service and they scratch their heads and wonder why people are furious.

    I have been talking with Jon Zellner, the man directly responsible for destroying Sirius programming. Though I know for a fact that Mr. Zellner is very aware of the growing hostility towards Sirius programming, you wouldn’t guess it by his reply. As far as he is concerned, things are going very well for his company.

  68. Allen Says:

    I really like my XM and I have given the new format a chance. I just think something needs to be done. Maybe a class action even if it puts them under! First, the change just sucked. All of a sudden none of my stations were there. The ones that were there had the format changed. Next every other song has a DJ jabbering on. I DON’T PAY TO HEAR THEIR MOUTH!!!! I pay for no or few interuptions. Third, they don’t care what we think. My final thought is what I started with. We pay for this service and they claim it is ad free but every other song the DJ comes on and advertises other stations… NOT AD FREE!!! If there are any lawyers out there ready to take on a class action against them sign me up… since the merger FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!! The new service is not worth 2 cents, I say everyone cancel and show them who the real bosses are! Ok, I’m getting off my box now.

  69. Rob Says:

    Yeah Sirius is pissing me off too. Now we all get to pay for our fuckin internet access as well. Since the merger things have really gone downhill. Changing station, as well as cutting stations, and EDITING CONTENT!! Yeah editing rap songs to be clean for radio. I hope Howard Stern does retire in 2 years so I can feel good about cancelling. Sirius has already ruined my favorite show as it is.Rob

  70. Bill Says:

    My lifetime sub receiver broke, but I gald I’ll continue to listen oline indefinitely.

  71. george Says:

    I was kind of dissapointed when the merge become final, between XM and Sirus, 1 sST of all XM had a better programing and better stations, which include AC/CD not anymore but the price is gong up is there any reason , do anybody knows why, most of the line of stations are kind of boring and and classic rock kind of person, and XM had at least 3 of these but not Sirus ?????

  72. paul archer Says:

    the nostalgia formats are sickly arranged,#1 franks place or what they have changed it to,plays more frank than the standards since they have merged,#2 on the rocks disappeared thanks to the post man who said that the polling was jinxed because he did not like the format,#3 pulling the plug on both radios sounds like a good idea,heck how can you relax to all of that crappy programming!!!

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