TechDecision ’08: The Results!

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The people have spoken! TechDecision ’08 polling closed last night, and the results are in. They have no impact whatsoever on our great nation–Technologizer, in case you didn’t know, is not a branch of government and therefore can’t enforce the will of its community on anybody else–but they’re interesting nonetheless. Full report after the jump…

Candidates for Imaginary Elective Office

America’s Greatest Operating System

Mac OSX X 10.5 Leopard: 47%

Windows XP: 22%

Windows Vista: 15%

Linux: 10%

Other: 5% (Windows 2000, Windows 98, Unix, and Android all got votes)

America’s Greatest Web Browser

Firefox: 74%

Safari: 11%

Chrome: 5%

Internet Explorer 8: 3%

Opera: 3%

Internet Explorer 7: 2%

Other: 1%

Flock: 0%

America’s Greatest Search Engine

Google: 92%

Yahoo: 3%

MSN: 2% 1%

Other: 1% (someone voted for Alta Vista!)

AOL: 0%

America’s Greatest Online Store 53%

Newegg: 23%

eBay: 15%

Other: 5% (several folks voted for iTunes) 2% 1%

America’s Greatest Tech Company

Apple: 39%

Google: 21%

Microsoft: 11%

Nintendo: 5%

Twitter: 5%

Other: 5% (RIM, Sun, Nokia, and Nikon all got votes)

Canonical (Ubuntu): 3%

Adobe: 2%

Dell: 2%

Sony: 2%

Asus: 1%

Electronic Arts: 1%

MySpace: 1%

Non-Binding Imaginary Propositions

Proposition A: Should Microsoft be required to keep Windows XP on the market for as long as customers wish to purchase it?

Yes, it should: 54%

No, it shouldn’t: 46%

Proposition B: Should Microsoft be required to eliminate its Windows Genuine Advantage copy protection system?

Yes, it should: 61%

No, it shouldn’t: 39%

Proposition C: Should Apple be required to allow companies other than itself to distribute iPhone applications?

Yes, it should: 57%

No, it shouldn’t: 43%

Proposition D: Shall Apple be required to license its its FairPlay copy protection, therefore letting other companies make iTunes- and iPod-compatible products?

Yes, it should: 61%

No, it shouldn’t: 39%

Proposition E: Should Apple be required to include FireWire capability on every computer it sells?

No, it shouldn’t: 73% (this was the only proposition that didn’t pass–FireWire devotees are vocal, but I guess they’re not a majority of the Technologizer population)

Yes, it should: 27%

Proposition F: Should America’s cell phone companies be required to sell phones that are unlocked to operate on any network?

Yes, they should: 81%

No, they shouldn’t: 19%

Thanks to everyone for voting–let’s do this again. Maybe even before four years have passed…


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  1. Vox Says:

    Uhm…actually, Proposition D didn’t pass either…unless you swapped the results on it?

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    Good eye–I swapped ’em by mistake. Fixed now…