Apple’s Tuesday Notebook Event: What Would You Ask Steve?

By  |  Monday, October 13, 2008 at 5:38 pm

[UPDATE: I did indeed ask Steve Jobs a question on behalf of the Technologizer community. Here are the details.]

At the typical Steve Jobs keynote unveiling one or more new Apple products, no time is set aside for questions. That’s not meant as stinging criticism: Time usually is set aside for attendees to get some hands-on exposure to the new products, and there are always Apple reps there who you can buttonhole for answers. But it’s rare to have an opportunity to pose queries to Steve Jobs himself.

Rare, but not unheard of: Every once in awhile he does open the floor to questions, and as I recall, this is more likely to happen in the more intimate setting of Apple’s campus “Town Hall” auditorium than the cavernous environs of San Francisco’s Moscone Center. He’s also been known to linger in the demo area and chat with attendees. So it’s possible, at least, that those in attendance tomorrow (such as me) will get some face time with the man himself, or at least with other Apple bigwigs such as Phil Schiller.

It is. of course. kind of hard to decide what questions you’d ask at the end of an event that hasn’t happened yet. But assume for the moment that tomorrow’s announcements are at least vaguely along the lines that people expect, with significantly new MacBooks and a sharply lower entry price point. What would you ask Steve Jobs? Throw out some ideas; if I like any of ’em and have the chance, I’ll pose one to him.

(And yes, you could ask him questions that have nothing at all to do with tomorrow’s news. But if you did, I know what the answer would be: “We’re here to talk about our new notebooks.” Which is not unreasonable…)

[Photo of Steve Jobs from Wikipedia by Matthew Yohe. That’s a MacBook Air he’s holding, not some unannounced wondermac…]


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  1. Bess Says:

    Ask Steve when he would allow flash-based websites to be served up on iphone. Or when he develope free tools that convert those flash app into app that work within iphone?
    Ask Steve when he allows developers to have more access and control on the iphone features.

  2. Patrick Says:

    What are Apple’s plans for touch interfaces into the future? Both track pad and screen based, and across which platforms – phones, laptops and all-in-ones (like iMac).

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