An iPhone Opinion Extravaganza

2150+ iPhone owners took our survey. Here's an inside look at some of the things they had to say.

By  |  Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 10:20 pm

Feature Requests

” Very important to add an LED to indicate missed calls, emails, SMS, etc. Need to add Verizon as a carrier. Need more timely/reliable ActiveSync push. Need Java and Flash support. When finished with a podcast, don’t start the next one… let us choose. Need ability to synch podcasts from iPhone over wireless or wifi. Maybe add a online iPhone backup service option like Carbonite.”

“I place a lot of emphasis on the use of Bluetooth. Apple needs to let the horses loose on this one. Stereo headphones, voice dialing headset, tethering and Bluetooth syncing. I would also like complete video mirroring, not just showing movies. Presentations of everything, like Steve Jobs does in Keynotes.”

“The ability to record both sides of a phone conversation would be a great addition!”

“Needs better headset – in canal earphones”

“Lots of little things could use substantial improvement. For example, I think the iPod application is terrible — it doesn’t properly indicate which podcasts I’ve listened to, and doesn’t let you mark it as ‘listened to’ either. I can’t sort by date downloaded to see which new podcasts I want to listen to. I often find myself wanting to hit pause but there’s no pause button showing on the screen. The ‘now playing’ playlist seems finicky and never works how I expect it to. All sorts of little annoyances like these!”

“Subscription to external calendars using .ics is not possible!! This is ridiculous! Calender app on iphone is in infant stage, not even possible to select or sync agenda colours from your laptop…. Not possible to assign an event to another agenda… It takes ages for the iphone to detect a phone carrier when coming from an uncovered spot, very annoying.”

“Improved SMS software is needed. Laughable lack of sms forwarding and other basic features on other phones.”

“Landscape mode keyboard should be available in SMS and email or any app really. 32GB and 64GB I would pay 500 or for 64GB I could have several movies and most of my music collection which I admit is obscenely large. I also would like a higher quality camera or at least the option to sync high quality photos, pinch and zoom are great so let’s up the quality.”

“I miss the ability to use secure email (SMIME) on iPhone very much. I also miss the ability to synchronize SMS messages from the iPhone to the desktop Mac.”

” The ability to turn off the auto-correction for the keyboard would be very welcomed since my native language is simply not supported and I get more wrong suggestions than it actually helps.”

” There are a couple missing/inconsistent features that I frequently experience and are quite annoying: – The inability to edit contacts unless opened in the “contacts” section of the phone app, and only when not on a call….in order to record contact info from someone while on a call, I must use physical pen and paper, or the notes app (which is actually more difficult to later transfer into the contacts app), that is simply ridiculous. – Calendar info (notes, locations, and contacts) aren’t integrated at all with the rest of the phone (tapping on a contact link in an appointment to get to the corresponding contact entry, tapping on the location of an appointment to show it in the map application, etc). The same is true with the notes app. – The alarm clock UI needs a great deal of reworking. Having more than one or two alarms is annoying and difficult to work with, you can’t reorder them, etc. There isn’t any concept of a “cascading” alarm working backwards from a single set time: for instance I set three alarms to wake up, each one spaced 15-20 minutes apart, working backward from when I _really_ need to get up, each one using a different, and increasingly loud and annoying sound. Each time I need to change my wake-up time, I have to edit three different alarms, or have an increasing number of alarms for all the various times I might need this functionality…each one decreasing the usability of all alarms due to the poor editing and management UI. – Managing multiple screens of apps is very unwieldy, especially when new apps or updates are added. For instance, I use my rightmost “pages” for games, and I have 8 screens worth of apps. It really really really sucks moving a new version of an app from the left-most to any other, but especially the right-most, page/screen, and the screens that are completely full often “lose” their last item to the next screen in the process, requiring manually restoring my original layout after moving the new/updated app”

“Calendar colors in iCal on the iPhone don’t match those on my Mac. Need copy/cut & paste. Enable landscape mode to more applications. Want to email multiple photos at once. Sync photos from phone to Mac via iTunes. More ring sounds–not ringtones: I don’t want a song, I just want a sophisticated sound when the phone rings. More alert sounds, too. Flash support. Sync Notes via iTunes. Better voice quality.”

“Still would be excited if they could implement Dick Tracy video chat”




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  1. Joanna Says:

    I bought my iphone last week. It worked great until today. The phone freezed on me and there’s no way to reset or restart the phone. Anyone who had the experience or know how to reset the phone, please kindly advise.

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