An iPhone Opinion Extravaganza

2150+ iPhone owners took our survey. Here's an inside look at some of the things they had to say.

By  |  Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 10:20 pm

The Complaint Department

“Screen had a scratch on it from the factory. Forced music syncing with only one Mac is a continuing annoyance.”

“The device is incredible, but Apple needs to get more vocal about the issues in a timely manner. I know that isn’t their style, but they need to have a separate “response style” when it comes to the iPhone. Secrecy just doesn’t cut it for this device.”

“I live in an area with no 3G for over 130 miles, I’m forced to pay for 3G in the data plan. I’m probably about to get my 3rd phone. 1st phone died after I plugged it into my Road trip. I got a message that it wouldn’t work but it would charge. After that, it powered on/off all by itself. – 2nd phone – I’m out of the country and I was caught in the rain. The phone was in my shirt pocket under a good poncho. It didn’t get wet but was damp as the tropical humidity was super high to start with B4 the rain even began. Found proper shelter and wrapped it in dry towel in my backpack which I kept under the poncho. As of this writing, I’ve spend 3 hours on the phone with Apple Support trying to resurrect the phone and I’m told that it can’t be restored until I return to the states because it is attempting to download a localized OS for the country that I’m currently visiting, but that OS won’t work on my USA phone! WTF is with that!!!? The “cloud” is smart enough to know where I’m at but not smart enough to know what OS I need on my freakin’ phone? I bought Apple Care anyway. Seems these are delicate devices.”

“1) 2.x generation of software is nowhere near as responsive and reliable as older 1.x software. Occasional iphone stutters and stalls in response to taps affects User experience very negatively. 2) AT&T service with iPhone much worse than previous Verizon service here in the Portland, OR area. 3) Voice-enabled services such as dialing and notes recording should be a high priority. 4) When using the iPhone it is too easy to accidentally dial a number when browsing in the Phone areas (Recents, etc.) 5) Easy syncing with my desktop-based (and now cloud-based) contacts, calendar, and mail is this phone’s #1 feature. iPod features and web features are close #2’s…”

” There are a few things that make me think I may not buy another iPhone in the future. These are: – arbitrary App Store: Apple capriciously limiting what I can add to the phone is a problem. If they did this with Macs, I’d buy a PC tomorrow. This is my biggest long-term problem with the platform. – Beta-quality software: Although it’s improved a lot, I expect a high level of polish with Apple software. The buggy iPhone OS that shipped was unacceptable. Even now, I have somewhat frequent crashes with the web browser. – MobileMe: This could potentially be a great service and admittedly is improving. Still, I find the email synching to not be very good. Email being pushed to my phone by MobileMe is unreliable at best. Calendar synching seems to have improved quite a bit, though. – Very high-priced plans: This isn’t really Apple’s doing, but Rogers very high prices, and the way they nickel-and-dime customers, makes me want to avoid their services in the future. I had a very basic pay-as-you-go cell phone prior to my iPhone and would consider going back to that in the future. Overall, I really enjoy using my iPhone, but its’ many problems have left me much less impressed than I have been with my Mac. Hopefully Apple gets it’s quality control problems sorted out soon.”

“The 3g/iPhone 2.0 launch was so screwed up, I’m starting to lose faith in Apple. The app store, especially downloading app upgrades, is still buggy as hell. I’m also very alarmed at how Apple has been treating iPhone app developers, specifically it’s capricious approval non-process. On the other hand, I love my iPhone. I’m hoping Apple gets on the straight and narrow and does the righteous thing. Otherwise, I’ll have to count them as part of the problem, not the solution/”

“The battery life is totally unacceptable. – Would be good if it supported emoji and various other must-have features needed in Japan. At least what can be added by software. – The NDA and appstore rejections are epic fails. – Currently the appstore have different apps avail depending on region. For this to make sense, at least don’t sell apps that don’t work in a region without warnings (ie. lots of apps sold on the Japanese appstore doesn’t work outside the US or in non-English speaking countries). – Not letting applications run in the background make the phone truly annoying to use. Add more memory if needed. Increase the price if needed to cover that, but at least allow background apps (battery is of course an issue, but even WM phones riddled with all sort of crap last longer than the iPhone). – Apple is slow at living up to the promises (still haven’t seen any notification system so that IMs and similar apps can be useful). – Stability stability stability… – Open the platform for more competition (so I can get a decent mail client or a browser that doesn’t crash every 2nd minute), also allow for java so I at least can run Opera Mini. – iPhone in the first Apple product I’ve had that I’m not recommending to people. Only thing that makes it worthwhile for me is MobileMe sync of iCal and Address Book.”

” I think the launch of the I Phone and it’s conditions was the beginning of Apple becoming another ‘big brother” company. I hate my phone and long for the days of my Blackberry, without all the hoo ha but good ole, email, voice dial, easy keyboard etc. To me the I-phone is a toy (an expensive one at that) and it was NOT designed as user friendly for women with long nails. I curse it everyday and if I wasn’t into my initial investment of the 16GB and my contract, I would be gone and back to T-Mobile.”

“Additional Complaints: no multitasking. Terrible bluetooth (files, audio). Itunes ringtones (almost a dealbreaker). Terrible customizing options within the OS. it’s very fragile! Additional Props: it’s so pretty! i mean, i sort of hate it and i still bought one. The longer I use it the more I hate it, but there’s nothing else for me yet. And I still sort of love it a little (did I mention how pretty it is?)”

“Feature crippling — e.g. forbidding developers from accessing the dock port for accessories, not allowing bluetooth headphones for music/video playback, etc. — doesn’t sit well. I understand that some of these features would significantly affect battery life: I should be able to make that call, not Apple.”

“The biggest problem with the current iPhone 3G is simply physical durability of the plastic casing. It scratches and smudges easily and I would not like to drop it on the pavement (something the original iPhone has no problems with).”

” I’m frustrated that Apple continues to ignore legacy phone features such as MMS, discrete text message forwarding, cut and paste and Bluetooth file transfer when they have been included in virtually every mobile I have owned, no matter how lowly, for the past five years. These features are intrinsic to a modern mobile phone usage and while I accept Apple believes they are offering better alternatives, they should maintain backwards compatibility with current methods until the rest of the mobile market catches up.”

“The recent iPhone software (2.1) did fix a lot of important issues, but for me, it’s made email take 2-3x longer to receive and send, and sometimes messages refuse to download from the server, leaving them with no content. Annoying!”

“I am completely fed up with the mobile industry tying us down with exclusive phone/provider relationships and contracts. There ought a be a law. My iPhone is great, but I should be able to use it with other services, and no included SMS is ridiculous. I don’t want to pay 5 more bucks for something I only occasionally use.”

“The iPhone OS is not yet stable. 2.1 fixed alot of problems but I still use the phone expecting system hangs and input delays. I’ve used the original iPhone (friends’) and 2.x has yet to beat 1.x in stability. This is the critical issue affecting my satisfaction with the iPhone. Listen, only one App is running at a time with possibly 2 Apple-specific tasks in the background: This is clearly a software issue that Apple MUST fix.”

“The basic problem is that Apple is trying to do a lot of things quickly in a culture built on privacy. If they would talk to their users more the problems would feel less like frustration points and more like issues to be resolved. Example 1 (not in your survey): Your iPhone learns words as you type/autocorrect. This list is not available to the user. Why not? No reason. Ask an Apple Store employee (the company’s only public face) and your answer? I don’t know.”

“I hold Apple to higher standards than they have shown with the latest iPhone 3G and the latest OS software. They are better than this, but they are realizing growing pains that they don’t really know how to handle. Success seems to have changed them.”

“the one thing that regularly drives me crazy is how much time it takes sync music to the phone from iTunes 8. There is just no obvious reason why this is so difficult. Another frustration is how difficult it is to use the phone with a laptop and desktop. I want to be able to sync music and photos and apps between both. Nearly impossible.

“Not only is the 3G network bad — no deplorable — the regular GPRS network for AT&T in Colorado is horrible. Many times I miss calls, and still 1/5 are dropped. I can’t host web conferences from my mobile phone, and I’m in sales. That’s unacceptable. As soon as my contract is up, I’m leaving AT&T. And Apple has done nothing to help the situation.”




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  1. Joanna Says:

    I bought my iphone last week. It worked great until today. The phone freezed on me and there’s no way to reset or restart the phone. Anyone who had the experience or know how to reset the phone, please kindly advise.

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