Own an iPhone? Please Take Our Survey

By  |  Friday, September 26, 2008 at 9:20 am

[UPDATE: The survey is now closed. Thanks to the 2150+ people who participated–here are the results and here are more comments from respondents.]

Since the original iPhone was released fifteen months ago, it’s been– by almost any measure–the single tech product that’s generated more news and controversy than any other. And things have only heated up with the debut of the second-generation model, the iPhone 3G.

As with any tech product, the ultimate bottom line on the iPhone is whether the folks who have plunked down money for one are happy with their purchase. Enter Technologizer’s iPhone Satisfaction Survey. We’re going to collect data from a bunch of iPhone users (both the original model and the 3G) on what they like, what they don’t like, what they’re doing with the phone, and what they’d like to see future iPhones do. We have no idea what the data will reveal, but we know it’ll be really, really interesting. And once we’ve crunched the results, we’ll report back in an article.

If you’ve got an iPhone, please help by participating in the survey–it should take about fifteen minutes of your time. Please let other iPhone users know about it, too; the more responses the better.

[UPDATE: I’m closing the survey Sunday morning–if you’re thinking about taking it, please do so now. And thanks!]

Click here to begin the IPhone Satisfaction Survey.



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  1. Chris Says:

    Hey! I got booted out at the first question! I *had* an iPhone, but got bored with it and sold it. Oh well…

  2. Rodney Says:

    What about the iPod Touch users in the audience, Can’t we have the option to answer the questions relevant to us?

  3. Harry McCracken Says:

    Good point, Rodney. Lemme look and see if there’s any way for me to tweak the survey to accomodate Touch users without messing up the results. If there isn’t, I may try to do a separate Touch survey (or maybe one for all iPod users).


  4. Andy Says:

    God I hate my iPhone.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it could keep a voicecall alive for more than a minute. The fact it can often takes hours to notify me of new voicemails is also quite unhelpful.

    I’m finding it quite difficult to justify the “phone” part of its moniker at the moment, and I am not alone amongst my friends who own iPhones who feel this way.

    I wish they would just get over it and recall the damn things, they are clearly broken on a deeper level than simply software.

  5. rattyuk Says:

    Unfortunately I think this will just be filled with Microsoft Astroturfers slagging the phone off.

  6. giammy Says:

    You forgot to take into consideration jailbroken iPhones. That plays a big part in my customer satisfaction 😉

  7. Skid Says:

    The survey would only be truly accurate if there were a way to verify the participants actually owned an iPhone.

  8. Jalt One Says:

    desired HW features:

    32GB flash memory capacity
    Haptic feedback
    Removable battery

    desired SW features:

    Copy-paste feature
    Handwriting recognition feature
    To do list application
    Adobe Flash capability
    Video recording application
    EBook application

  9. terkoz Says:

    Hey! I got booted out at the first question! I *had* an iPhone, but got bored with it and sold it. Oh well…

  10. jushwamanaloto Says:

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