T-Poll: iPod Nano Abbott vs. iPod Nano Costello

By  |  Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 4:49 pm

The new skinny iPod Nano is here, in its 8GB version, at least–I know, because I have one right here. I’m working on a review, and one of the most significant differences compared to its predecessor is the one that’s by far the most obvious: The old one was short and squat, while the new one is tall and slender.

Which design is better? On some level it probably boils down to personal preference. I’m still making my mind up, but I thought I’d ask you which has more appeal. (Other differences between the two Nanos: The new version is thinner and lighter, and the color is on both sides, versus the silver back of the previous model.)

Here are the two candidates–that’s the new guy on the left, of course. (Abbott and Costello metaphor used in headline stolen from Ryan Block.)

And here’s the poll–thanks for voting!

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