Twelve Bizarro Googles

Happy 10th, Google! Here are a dozen truly weird offshoots you've inspired.

By  |  Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 1:05 am

The Horror! The Horror!
The Web is so full of stuff about horror author H.P. Lovecraft that you need a search engine to keep track of it. Derek Anderson’s Cthuugle is that engine. It’s also a mashup of Google and Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos. I’d probably find this hysterical if I were a Lovecraft fan. I’m not, but I’m still amused. And I like saying “Cthuugle.”

All the Ads, None of the Content
Tools to block Web ads are a dime a dozen. A tool to block everything but Web ads? Genius! The online documentation for Google Content Blocker, by my former PC World colleague John Walkenbach, explains this important step forward in Google’s mission “to organize the world’s advertising for maximum exposure to Web users.”

Don’t Just Search, Hunt!
Here’s another Bizarro Google which, like Klingon Google, comes from Google itself. It’s Google in Elmer Fudd-ese. Wonder if Warner Bros. knows about this? Do you need to seek formal permission to riff on a cartoon character’s speech impediment? And has Google ever considered doing anything with Barney Google, a cartoon character who predates the search engine by almost eighty years?



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  1. Relyt Says:

    Love it! Instead of “Your Own Private Google” (Googlogo) I use a site called whuch does the same thing without ads. Also under “Don’t Just Search, Hunt!” There is no link to the site.

  2. Otis B. Driftwood Says:

    It is a better world than I realized.