Google Chrome: It’s Live

By  |  Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at 11:58 am

(UPDATE! I’m conducting a poll about Chrome–please go here to take it, and to get a recap of all of Technologizer’s Chrome coverage.)

Time to stop speculating about Google’s Chrome browser and start trying it: The Chrome download site is live, with a beta version (Windows only for now–sniff).

I just installed it and will be back later with first impressions before long…and I’m dying to hear yours, too.



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  1. Computer Guy Says:

    I just downloaded myself and its very fast. Install was slow; but looks great so far. Their is a mirror download at

  2. CharlieJ Says:

    Aw, Snap! It doesn’t work — AT ALL! Chrome doesn’t work on my Win XP workstation, nor on my Vista Business laptop. The ONLY thing that shows is the Aw, Snap! page. Fine way to start with a new browser.

  3. thehumanyawn Says:

    The opposite happened to me- the install was fast, but browsing isn’t any faster in Chrome than it was in my extension-laden Firefox; actually, Firefox is faster.