IFA: A Few More Photos

By  |  Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 3:43 am

My time at the IFA electronics show is winding down, but I’m still catching up on reporting back here on everything I’ve seen on the show floor. Herewith, a few more items…

Beko had a booth full of pretty generic looking TVs and other products, but in a world chock-full of electronics companies with pompous taglines, liked its slogan: “Buy It Before It Becomes Famous”:

American domestic robot manufacturer Ugobe wasn’t just at the show with its Pleo dinosaur–it brought along a cool giant-sized Pleo:

IFA isn’t as thick with booth entertainment as an American show like U.S., but it wasn’t entirely devoid of it, either. I never quite figured out what a company called 2DF did, but its giant walkaround mascot was downright adorable:

Becker had an in-dash navigation system called the Indianapolis Pro–and while I assume it refers to the Indy 500, it was still startling and entertaining to see a German product named after a midwestern American city:


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Ingolf Schaefer Says:

    Actually 2DF is called ZDF and is a public tv station.

  2. Christian Goetze Says:

    And the mascot are the “Mainzelmaennchen”, a mashup of the city of Mainz, where ZDF is based, and the “Heinzelmaenchen” or garden gnomes…

    These characters were used as fill in between ads.

  3. Harry McCracken Says:

    Thanks for the info, Ingolf and Christian!