Introducing the T-Poll: Your Take on the iPhone 3G Launch

Let the voice of the people be heard! Including, I hope, yours.

By  |  Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 11:02 am

Last week, I asked you what you thought about the $1000 iPhone application in a silly little poll, and more than 1900 folks have chimed in to date. So consider that microsurvey to be the first T-Poll–and look for more of ’em on a reasonably regular basis. Starting with this one, in which, once again, I come back to the iPhone 3G.

It’s been a little more than a month since the iPhone 3G debuted, and an awful lot has happened. Let’s recap:

* On January July 11th, the iPhone 3G debuted at Apple Stores and AT&T retailers to long lines and a surging sea of activation glitches in the morning, although they seem to have gotten under control by the end of the day;

* Serious problems with MobileMe, however, persist–prompting a subscription extension from Apple, a blog about the glitches and Apple’s response to them, and a widely-published internal memo in which Steve Jobs said the service wasn’t up to Apple standards;

* The Netshare tethering app appeared on the App Store, then disappeared, then appeared, then disappeared;

* Apple let the $1000 app onto the App Store…briefly;

* The App Store has a hit, with iPhone users downloading tens of millions of programs, including a million bucks’ worth for for-pay ones a day;

* Some App Store apps received rave reviews, including Twitterific, Facebook, Evernote, and Apple’s own Remote;

* Users (including me!) groused about Apple’s “Twice as fast” claims about the new phone;

* Reports surfaced of iPhone 3Gs that dropped calls and delivered slow Internet connections, possibly because of a faulty chip;

* Electronics megachain Best Buy became the third seller of iPhones in the U.S;

* Despite everything, most iPhone 3G users appear to be satisfied-to-delighted–but battery life seems to be the most common source of angst;

Today’s T-Poll is a two-parter:

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